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[Resolved] Fresco Outage - DDoS Attack Mitigated

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We are aware of an issue with the Fresco server and we are investigating the cause now. We will update this thread with details once we have more to report.


Edit: We've identified and resolved the issue, I am currently drafting a second post to this thread where that information will be provided. Do check this thread periodically over the next few minutes for the update.

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RFO (Reason For Outage):


At 4:51 PM EST our monitoring systems alerted us to an outage on the Fresco server. Within minutes our technicians had logged into the pertinent systems and identified the cause of the outage as a DDoS attack. The attack was was approximately 315 megabit in size and was making roughly 21,285 HTTP requests per second to the web server. The server port and our upstream was not saturated however the web server itself was unable to keep up with the number of requests simply due to the nature of the content being requested. The attack was comprised of over 26,000 individual IP addresses.


We were on the phone with our network operations team within minutes of the attack and have worked to mitigate the attack. You can see from this graph that the attack was very short-lived, was mitigated quickly, and that service is now back to normal:



We will be conducting a deeper investigation into this attack and will notify the individual or business that was the target of the attack directly once we have more information. Keep in mind that we, MDDHosting LLC, were not the target of the attack and that while this attack may have affected you and your site - it does not mean that you were the target.


The total downtime from this incident was 12 minutes from start to finish.


If you have any questions, by all means, let us know.

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I have to admit these updates are nice. But let's be serious, I own a Playstation 3, I laugh at 12 minutes of downtime.

The PlayStation Network has been down for a week or two, no? At any rate, let's keep this thread on-topic - feel free to open a new thread in the off-topic section to discuss the PlayStation Network if you so desire :)

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