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To all that wish to to an upgrade from 1.3.7 presta shop to version 1.4........Take note that you will have to some really funky stuff to get it to the point where you can actually see your main modules on your admin side of things.....

I still have not seen a resolve to this issue as of yet? Anyone else figure this one out, let me know of you have? Its also affecting the backups from your cpanel....If you back up your 1.3.7 version the same applies, you can not visualize your modules from the admin page......You can only see them as a list page which allows you to move them up and down...I have not attempted to get into the code and really dig into as of yet...I am waiting for prestashop to fix their issues first.........Many emails out to them, posted on thier forums...and no replies............Only people out there just like me waiting to hear what they come up with for a fix.....?????

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Prestashop 1.4 upgrading step by step guide in pdf form.


My link


The following are all the issues everyone is having with 1.4 version of prestashop. Tons of issues here. The database is only compatible with certain themes, modules lost, and many other issues with the 1.4 version. I am currently going back to the 1.3.7 version and with any luck will figure out how to fix the modules somehow back to the way they were. I thought it would be as easy as 1-2-3 use a previous back up. Nope, they are lost in there somewhere. Some have said delete them all and start over, etc. etc. :)


My link

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Through some pain staking issues and sometime later, I have fixed this idiotic bug that presta shop has not quite fixed at this point in time with their new claimed 1.4 version. It seems as though, that when attempting to upgrade to this new version via softculous, or any other means, prestashop writes more modules into the script that do not work, or are not compatible with any previous versions downloaded onto your server. It might be best to do a fresh delete and do a fresh install.


I decicded to delete all the modules, and re-install a previous backup from version 1.3.7. This seemingly fixed the bug without really digging into all that ****** code. After this incident I am glad I do back ups before any changes are made, and from this point forward all new scripts containing and personally added css/html code will be saved in another location so it can be added back to the web site via the file manager. It is probably a good idea to also keep a backup file freshly downloaded somewhere, if you have a decent amount of product information added to your site.


Obviously, I am just a chef, and know nothing about what I am talking about when it comes to SQL, servers, etc....I just know how to push da buttons...... :)


On a lighter note:

This did teach me more of really digging into all the files in the file manager and learning some more about the cpanel controls,etc......Prestashop has all kinds of uneeded crap code in there......??????

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