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[Completed] Emergency Maintenance - Reboots

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We have been having some issues with slowness on our servers off and on lately and when we've investigated the issues we've been unable to find any conclusive causes for the issues. Due to us not being able to tie the issues down to any abusive accounts, hardware issues, MySQL usage, or anything similar we contacted our software vendors to see if they had any potential insight into what may be causing these issues.


CloudLinux, the vendor that provides our operating system, has identified several disk I/O issues in the build of the operating system we are currently running across all servers and has recommended upgrading to the latest build which they say will improve I/O performance significantly.


Due to the number of complaints and the potential performance gains of doing this upgrade and the minimal downtime required to make the change, we're going ahead and scheduling the reboots required to make these changes this evening. All that is required to go to the newest version of the Operating System is a reboot which should take no longer than 5 minutes per machine after which the servers tend to spend 5 to 10 minutes catching up to all requests before they get back to their normal speed.


If you have any questions about this that is not account-specific feel fee to respond to this thread, otherwise do please open a support ticket so that we can answer any questions you may have and address any concerns you may have.

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When upgrades are being done, is there any 404-like page that shows a message like "Currently upgrading servers", or do people's site just not load?

The server that serves your site will literally be offline for about 5 minutes so there is no way to display a "Currently Upgrading" page. Essentially what we're doing is like going to "Reboot" on your home computer, but for the servers. While the reboot is happening you can't use the system for anything.


The reboot process is very quick so unless you have monitoring or you just happened to be watching at that point in time it's unlikely you'd notice but we still notify our clients of such processes in case they had anything planned during that time.


An email has been dispatched to all affected customers as well.

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