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New Shared/Reseller Server Online!

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As we continue to grow we are always going to need to be adding new capacity to our network. We're going to be ordering a brand new shared/reseller server to put online and we estimate it will be online and operational no later than 60 days from today but as early as 14 days from now.


We own our hardware and have to actually order, assemble, install, and configure our servers before they are ready for customers and all of this takes some time to complete depending on when the order is placed. The configuration of the new server will be identical to our existing configurations with the exception that the new server will be provisioned with PHP 5.3.X to start.


Anybody wanting to move to PHP 5.3.X, we will be happy to shift you on to the new server once it is online. Simply check back in this thread periodically as we'll update it once the server is online and accepting customers.

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I most def. want to switch to this when it comes online. Glad to see that MDDHosting is expanding :D.

The server was ordered yesterday but it will take about a week for all of the parts to come in and then a day to assemble and configure. We did set up a temporary high-end VPS to stage new accounts onto that will be moved to the new server once it's online. You can either be put on that VPS temporarily or you can just wait until the new server is online, just let us know.
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Any plans for MySql 5.5.x? I heard that it's faster, but I could be wrong.

5.5.x is not yet supported by cPanel. Once it is supported by cPanel we may consider migrating to it depending on what kind of complications it creates for existing users/databases.

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