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Terms of Service Updated

Michael D.

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We have updated section 7 of our Terms of Service outlining Resource Usage as pertaining to generating backups of accounts. Due to the size of many accounts on our services the backup generation process can cause performance issues for others on the server and in order to keep performance as high as possible we've outlined when it is appropriate to generate backups and set some guidelines for resellers generating backups of multiple accounts.


For all of the details please review sections 7b and 7c of our Terms of Service found at http://www.mddhosting.com/tos.php.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

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It generally applies to the cPanel backup system (i.e. "full backup" or "home directory backup") for larger accounts. If your account is only 50~500 MB you could use these just about any time of the day without issues because the process completes so quick it's not an issue for performance on the server in most cases.


Dumping a database or copying files around while working on your site is just fine :)


Ultimately the provision hasn't been added so that we can start looking for this and take action, it's been added so that when and if it does cause issues we have the appropriate provision in the agreement to take action upon. It was inspired by the fact that we had a reseller with around 25 fairly large accounts start backing all of them up simultaneously mid-day resulting in extremely slow performance and numerous complaints.


We obviously got onto killing those processes off quickly to restore full service, notified the reseller that they needed to perform the backups during off-peak and not simultaneously, and updated the Terms of Service to address the issue.

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