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Safest way to transfer files? ftp ssh sftp sfxyz?


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My understanding is that FTP sends the login name and password in "plain text", so a hacker can "sniff" both at any point between you and your account.


sFTP or FTPES encrypt the login and password so a hacker can't easily steal it.


You might look at using FileZilla, http://www.filezilla.com ... it easily switches to using sFTP, and works well.

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As the title implies, I'm wondering what is the suggested most secure way of transferring files. My site was recently hacked and so am looking at every possible aspect of security in the hopes of avoiding future attacks.





I would definitely use SFTP to transfer your files. I would also look into using CloudFlare. It doesn't work for everyone, but most people who use them are happy with their service. I mean, it is free (at least the basic plan is). I use it on lrastart.org and it has done wonders.

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