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I'm looking to stream my own live video from my shared hosting account. I run a high school sports website where I would stream one game per week (about 2-3 hours). I am looking at the videowhisper application to use for live streaming (http://www.videowhisper.com/). Wondering a couple of things:


- Anybody familiar with this application? I haven't used it before and there's not much to be found in the way of user reviews when googling it.


- Is this even allowed on an MDD shared hosting account?


- Is there a general rule-of-thumb that would tell me how much of my monthly allotment of bandwidth it would chew up to stream a live event?


I have been using uStream.tv and livestream.com, but I don't like all of the ads, so I was hoping to stream my own. I can do it with windows media encoder, but the features are pretty limited.


Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.



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Mike will probably respond shortly to your question but I might as well answer it now as I'm 99% sure his short answer will be no. Here's a more detailed answer though:

  1. Most, if not all, streaming services that you have ever seen use an RTMP (real time messaging protocol) server to do all of the behind the scenes dirty work. Usually, big players like Ustream and Livestream have dedicated server only running the RTMP server as it requires A LOT of resources to take that video in, encode it to a reasonable bit rate and then send that video out for thousands of people to view. And all of this happens in almost real time (usually with a few seconds delay). That's a lot of processor usage and a lot of bandwidth.
  2. The program you're looking at is, as I understand it, is a sort of interface for that RTMP server. Otherwise, it's a pretty dirty job to work with that server side stuff (lot's of technical jargon floating about, etc.) from what I've seen. That's why Ustream and Livestream are popular; they provide an awesome interface to work with the server where little to no technical knowledge is required (Livestream especially).
  3. Since you posted this in the shared hosting section, it is unlikely that MDD will install any sort of RTMP server (red5, wowza, etc.) only because it would have a noticeable effect for the other clients on the server. You would be sucking up all of the CPU and bandwidth.
  4. Should you find a third party service that offered dedicated RTMP server usage, I would think that you would be able to use said software on a shared hosting account because all it does is show the video stream directly from the third party service (the video wouldn't go though the MDD servers; the user basically gets that video directly from the third party) and host some other files that would have as much effect on the server as any other PHP script.

Hopefully, this answered most of your questions and Mike will probably be here later to further clarify. :)

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Thanks for the reply and the information. I am on the semi-dedicated hosting plan. I just now realized I posted this in the wrong forum, but don't see a way to move it.


I now understand about the dedicated streaming server. I see why ustream and livestream have ad-supported services. Must cost them a fortune for those streaming servers.


How about windows media encoder? I've successfully streamed my webcam with just WME and embedded it into my web page. Seemed to work ok, although there's a lengthy delay (about 30 seconds and by design). The options are pretty limited too, but there's no ads and it seems to work ok. Just wanted to make sure that it's ok to stream it from my semi-dedicated account.


The other problem I have with uStream and LiveStream and any other site like that is firewalls. All I ever stream are high school sports. Every school these days have pretty strict firewalls in place that block all video and chat sites. Trying to find an admin that knows how to get past the firewall is the next thing to impossible. I really need to stream my own video, if possible.

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