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1. If I purchase VBulletin software can you guys install it properly for me?
We don't perform software installations - vBulletin does offer a service for that however if you follow their directions you should be able to have it installed yourself in under 10 minutes.


2. If I start out in a shared plan and switch to Semi-Dedicated advanced plan how much will it cost to switch?
The difference in the plan prices.
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I thought it would be nicer to ask another different questions here instead of starting another thread.


This is my first personal website ever. I was thinking would it be smarter if I started out Shared plan to learn the ropes of setting up site completely the way I want and transfer to semi dedicated advanced plan later.


My site will be sports BB with VBulletin Publish Suite installed. I assume I can upload all the setup files artwork etc in a shared plan without any issues of exceeding bandwidth per month. How about utube video's should I avoid those until i upgrade to semi-dedicated?


The quickest payment option to get site up and running is Paypal or Mastercard? Will I be able to switch off auto renewal. I would rather pay when due because I might switch credit cards or use Paypal



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