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So apparently, the server I'm on at MDDHosting (the IP address actually) appears to have been blacklisted by my school's mail server. This is probably due to me trying to unsuccessfully connect to the mail server (IMAP)several times (no more than 10) to find the correct connection options. If the school didn't use such an arcane mail server configuration and/or expired/invalid ssl certs, I wouldn't be having this issue in the first place. ON TOP OF THAT, my school has recently begun switching students over to Google Apps (their Gmail product being the replacement for their POS email solution) and it looks like they have blacklisted me there as well (apparently, you can have custom black lists for Google Apps...)!!!!!


Now, I'm going to be forced to wrangle with the IT department to have the server's IP removed from BOTH blacklists. Geez, and I was only trying to use Roundcube webmail instead of their 1990's webmail client (quite literally, a large, hunking, piece of ******) and their outdated mail server.


And don't worry, I have tried telnetting from inside the school network (works) and from my super special secret server (elsewhere in the world) and they both successfully connect, so I'm quite sure of the issue at hand (I think, I hope so).


In case anyone was wondering, here is the configuration I think works (hope it's OK to post it here. There's not really anything secretive/hacky about it):

Oh yes, this is connecting to the IMAP server via PHP

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Office Logic mail server connection config:

Host: mail.smumn.edu/novalidate-cert (IMAP, port 143)

Login: the part of your email address before the '@' symbol

Password: obviously, your password




PS: I've attached some pics of the webmail interface in hope that you too, might feel my pain. Apologies for the crappy image quality, the global board attachment limit is 500K.


post-102-095785200 1297874915_thumb.jpgpost-102-089287500 1297874916_thumb.jpg

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