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[Resolved] Large DDoS on Cypress Server

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We've been alerted to a large DDoS attack that is hitting one of our customers on the Cypress server. The attack is in excess of 1 GBPS (1,000 MBPS) and as such has been null-routed. We're still investigating to determine which site is being targeted so that we can ensure that no other accounts on the server are affected.


If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or to open a support ticket. We'll update you as we have more information to provide.

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The IP address that is being hit is shared by several accounts - we're splitting all accounts out to their own IP addresses so that we can identify which one is under attack. This is going to take some time and we will update you.


Moving accounts off of the affected IP will also cause them to come back online - DNS caching can cause this to take an hour in some cases but generally it's pretty close to instant.

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The DDoS hasn't come back since the null route on the original IP was removed. We will be migrating accounts back to this IP address tonight (during off-peak times) to reduce any potential for downtime due to IP caching. If you have any questions, do open a support ticket.
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