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Merge AWStats files


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Anyone know how to merge two awstats files into one? My switch to MDD was mid-month and I would like to combine the files into one.


Not an urgent matter. If anyone knows how, great! If not, no biggie.


Perhaps you are looking for something like logresolvemerge.pl that is included with AWStats? Seems pretty simple to use. Just call it, specify whatever flags you need/want then the file names you are merging separated by spaces. From what I can see, you probably won't need any of those flags. What would make it easier is if all the files were in the same directory.


Take the following advice with a large grain of salt, but looks to me like you can do the following from ssh after you cd to the right directory:

perl logresolvemerge.pl *.* > output_file.whatever_extensions_the_logs_are_in

And then I would imagine you can copy that merged file back.


Hope this helps!

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