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Editing my.cnf (mySQL settings)

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Looking at recommendations from scripts that evaluate your mySQL performance, I want to tinker with some settings. Because I'll change a setting, wait a while, then change it again, I don't want to be putting in more tickets (even though I'm sure MDD doesn't mind, I find I learn better by "doing"). Using "which mysql", I see that the active mySql is /usr/bin/mysql. Using "locate my.cnf", the configuration file, I get these results:





/var/cpanel/configs.cache/_root_my.cnf_<long key number here>


So which one of those do I edit to make changes?

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It would be /etc/my.cnf however I wouldn't suggest messing with it unless you know what you're doing or you can cause MySQL downtime and at worst, database corruption. Do be careful or open a ticket.


OK, you talked me into another ticket! :)


No hurry on this one, the VPS is running fine, and my customers are happy. I do have several Wordpress and forum sites on the server, so there are fair number of queries happening.

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