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Understanding VPS Stats

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In the SolusVM control panel there is a statistics section, with three charts. I think I understand the traffic (bandwidth) and memory use, but what exactly is "Load"? I'm assuming its the load on the CPU. Is it divided by two since I have two cores dedicated to my VPS?


I was logged in w/SSH as root and running "top" to see CPU utilization a couple days before this chart, when I was converting a SMF forum to IP.Board. The CPU hit 80% a couple of times processing the SQL queries for attachments (there are 7,900 pictures in the forums). Nothing blew up, but that's a number I'd hate to see for any length of time. On my old reseller plan, the CPU was often up over 30% from all the shared accounts, so any time you needed to perform a query it was pretty tough.

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Load is just a representation of the processes on the server waiting for CPU access. In a 2 core system generally you'd want to try and keep it under 2.0 however there are a few reasons why it could go over 2.0 and still be responsive. It should be used more as a guide and not as an absolute certainty.
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