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Advice for a VPS Newbie?

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So, after a grueling experience at brand x with a shared reseller account, I verified that I probably need a VPS. MDD seems to have a reasonable deal, with the Basic VPS. Sure, you don't get 50GB of disk space and pay $6 a month, but I was looking at the memory as much as anything. And the fact that it is fully managed, set up as I like it, etc.


So I pulled the trigger this morning and my new Basic VPS is being provisioned today. I'm a veteran of shared reseller accounts, having done this since 2003, but this will be my first VPS. Any words of advice for a VPS newbie?

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I think you'll be very happy with the VPS offering at MDD.


Dan is exactly right, treat it as a shared hosting from the perspective that you should mostly live in CPanel or FTP for the majority of anything you do. If you need to expand past that, Mike and team are amazing about the quality and speed of the support/service they provide.


Ask questions, however, as to how they solve the issue and you'll pick up tips and tricks over time to help you learn more.


Love to have you report back after a month or two to report on your progress and results.

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Thanks for the comments!


I like to have control, at least that's what my wife tells me, but I can appreciate that the wrong move logged in as root can be a disaster. I've been careful with it, mainly sticking to WHM/Cpanel. It has nearly everything I need for day-to-day operations.


I did transfer all my accounts by making a complete Cpanel backup on the old server, having it FTP the files to an account on my new VPS, logging in as root and moving the backup file to /home, then restoring the account within WHM. It went really well, but without root access, I would have had to rely on Support to transfer them over (they would have, but I had some coordination with customers to take care of, so I liked doing it myself).


I'm a reseller with a small number of clients, and I was able to move them with a minimum of disruption. The semi-dedicated hosting didn't provide the tools I need to host the 30 sites I manage, with more on the way. If I ever jettison the hosting business, I'll put my personal sites on a VPS or something like the Semi-Dedicated.


So far support has been great here, and the VPS is handling the sites really well. None of my customers has complained, although one has some php scripts he needs to update because of "that function is deprecated" errors. I know I can turn off the error reporting, but after deprecation comes elimination, and I'd rather he do the upgrade now rather than waiting.

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A VPS would not be good for me... I would probably ****** around with root "just out of curiosity" and mess everything up :D

Just because it's available doesn't mean you should touch it :)


We've seen people do an OS reload on their VPS (which wipes all data out, and even warns as such) that got upset with us that their data was gone. Thankfully we were able to pull it out of the backup system.

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Virtual private server is next level of performance that can be used in addition to, or in place of, your shared hosting to give you more power and performance. VPS solution is perfect for ensuring a robust service for a fair price, increased speed and a good steping stone before a dedicated server

A virtual private server web hosting (VPS) is a method of dividing a physical server computer into multiple servers so that each has the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine.

First, when you choose a VPS hosting for your site, you need to look for power. A powerful server means your site will be put into service without a single problem, even if the traffic volume at the highest point. Virtual web hosting to their advantage of improved performance is known, so be sure to choose VPS hosting.

Second, to ensure the security of your website and data at all times and under all circumstances. For that matter, in the selection of VPS hosting, it is also important to pay attention to security services offered by the provider to create. Back-up options are also benefits that are taken into account when weighing up the offer of more than one VPS hosting providers.

Here are the some standard features of VPS server:

  • Disk Space- Most VPS hosting plans will include at least 20 GB of disk space.
  • Data Transfer- To get the most out of your VPS hosting plan, make sure you have at least 500 GB of data transfer a month.
  • Free set up- Some cheap VPS hosting plans won’t have free set up. There are plenty of good VPS hosting plans that do have free set up.
  • Free domain names- As it means. You get a free domain name with your VPS hosting.

Pros of VPS server by compared to other servers:

  • Virtual private server web hosting offers the hosting customers with a balance between the control and power of a dedicated server.
  • VPS provides this service at a very reasonable price as compared to shared web hosting.
    Virtual Private Servers offer developers and web hosting resellers a great way of optimizing hosting investments.
  • As an intermediary service between shared web hosting and dedicated server hosting, the actual hardware server is partitioned into numerous isolated environments.
  • Each environment or space of the hardware has its own mail server, server software and independent software instances and services.
  • Virtual Private Servers reduces the compromise that shared web hosting has. It does not have to share applications, share resources and environment with a large number of other users in the same directory.
  • On the whole, VPS offers a distinct benefit in performance and security as compared to shared web hosting.
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Welcome to the VPS world! Choose a reputable provider with clear documentation, start with a managed VPS for ease, regularly back up your data, and engage with the community for valuable insights. Happy hosting!  #VPS #beginner #hostingtips


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