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[Completed] Cypress Seed Backups Tonight

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For anybody on the Cypress server (semi-dedicated plans), you may notice that the server is a little sluggish compared to normal tonight and this is due to us generating a full seed backup of the server.


We have had extensive issues with R1Soft CDP 2.0 backing up the Cypress server to the point of downtime being reported during the backup generation process and customers complaining about the server becoming unresponsive. As a result of the issues with 2.0 we're moving the Cypress server to CDP 3.0.


The 3.0 version of the CDP Agent is supposed to be much faster and much more efficient meaning that it shouldn't cause the server issues that we have been experiencing with 2.0. The downside is that we have to do a full initial backup which will take 6 to 12 hours and during this backup the server is likely to be sluggish compared to usual.


This seed backup process will only need to run once, so once it's completed you should not see any sluggishness in the future due to backups.


We're scheduling this backup process to begin at 9 PM EST (GMT-5) and we expect it to finish somewhere between 3 AM and 9 AM EST (GMT-5).


If you have any questions at all about this, do let us know.

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The backup process has begun. During the process the server may be sluggish compared to usual and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We feel it's extremely important to keep up-to-date daily backups of the server and as such we need to complete this process.

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