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Cyber Monday 2010 - 60% OFF up to 3 years!

Michael D.

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Cyber Monday 2010


When is the promotion, and what is it?

On Monday, November 29th, 2010 we are going to be offering 60% off on the first invoice of all Shared, Semi-Dedicated, and Reseller plan orders for any payment term! This means you can order up to 3 years of service at a 60% discount!


Ok, ok! What is the coupon code and when can I use it?

The coupon code for this promotion is "cyber-monday-2010" and will not be activated until 12:01 AM GMT-5.


Simply enter this coupon code while ordering a Shared, Semi-Dedicated, or Reseller plan on Cyber Monday and your first invoice will be discounted by 60!


Who is eligible?

While most promotions do allow only new customers to take advantage, we're going to allow our existing customers to use this coupon to order a secondary account as well under a single condition: the discount will only apply as long as your original account remains active.


Why is it telling me the coupon is expired?!?!

The coupon code will not be active until 12:01 AM GMT-5 and will show "Expired" before that time. The coupon will expire at 11:59 PM GMT-5 and will show "Expired" after that time.

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No, you cannot use it towards an existing account. We are currently running another client-only promotion where we match your credit deposits 25% until the 30th. Do open a ticket if you have questions about this as we'd like to keep this thread about Cyber Monday.


Thank you!

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This promotion has officially ended (as of about 20 minutes ago)!


Thank you for everybody who took part in this promotion and I'm sorry for anybody who missed it! We're going to be posting any future large promotions in this forum section so if you want to know about our next large promotion, make sure to subscribe to this forum!



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