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phpBB3 installation Fantastico bug?


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Hi Mike


I think there must be bug with Fantastico on your shared hosting when installing phpbb3 forum software. Everything went well - sweetly - on installing but after I had finished my customization of a new template I found I couldn't create a new topic whoever I was. Nothing wrong with permissions but on checking 'Maintenance - Admin Logs' it was obvious that the forum was looking for the imageset files in the wrong directory. Instead of en it was looking for them in en_us. This is fine for the default theme - pro silver - but if you install any new theme / template you end up with the same problem I had - can't create new topics and so on.


Whether this is a bug or not I am not sure but if the initial installation was set for the directory en instead of en_us then I wouldn't have ended up scratching my head for so long so maybe it is.





My new forum can be seen here

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We no longer run Fantastico on our new servers - we're running Softaculous. Just the fact that you're accessing Fantastico tells me that you're still accessing the old server. I do believe we resolved this for you in a ticket (unless two people happened to have the same issue on the same day and I'm confused). :)
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