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Server Specifications?


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What are the specifications of the server if I were to be on the basic shared plan and what is the difference between the shared and the semi-dedicated?


Is the semi-dedicated a VPS or what makes it so special?

All of our servers are at least 2.4GHz Quad Core 4GB Ram servers with 100megabit dedicated network connections. The Shared and Semi-Dedicated servers are physically identical however the shared servers can house anywhere from 200 to 450 accounts depending on how "heavy" or resource intensive each account is on the server but the Semi-Dedicated servers are limited to a maximum of 25 accounts.


Generally to be honest, most web sites will run just fine on the shared hosting platform and do not require semi-dedicated service. The primary reasons for going semi-dedicated are higher resource usage needs such as a tremendously busy dynamic site, you require more disk space or transfer than a regular shared plan can realistically support, or FFMPEG support for sites such as YouTube clones. There are of course other reasons for going with a semi-dedicated plan but these are just some of the top reasons.


Semi-Dedicated accounts are *not* VPSs and we look at Semi-Dedicated as the best logical step between Shared and Dedicated hosting. Often times going from Shared to VPS is taking a step down in resources and power but a step up in "control" such as having root access to the server. It can be a good thing to go with a VPS if you do need root access or to install custom modules but it can be bad if you're not familiar with server management or you don't need the additional control over the server. With a VPS you are limited often times in your CPU and Memory usage quite a bit more than you would be on a semi-dedicated plan.


If you have any further questions, do please post back!


Thank you,

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Oh wow, I didn't expect a response quite so quickly. Thanks for the information I will keep MDDHosting in mind as I continue to look around and see what is out there.

No problem, if you have any further questions please feel free to post back!


Have a great day,

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