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Anybody here using Comcast for their Internet Provider?

Michael D.

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I'm having some issues with Comcast and my bill, anybody else here using Comcast?


Mike did you make any headroom with Comcast?


If not good luck. Comcast had been horrible to deal with. I've had problems with Comcast over various issues. From router issues caused by comcast's updates, long service outages and overall polite but incompetent support.


Are you getting billed incorrectly.


Sorry for not posting this earlier but I've been having computer problems.

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Yeah, billed incorrectly, almost every month... We ended up getting a hold of corporate last month and they took the bogus $50 charges off and even added a $20 "courtesy credit" and then we cleared our balance... This month our bill was $113 (when the normal is around $74ish) and when we called customer service they couldn't tell us what the extra fee was or even break the bill down.


When we got a hold of corporate again, they said that the bill made no sense and they have no idea how it came up to that value and fixed it again.


What is extremely bothersome is that we've had to call to have our bill fixed I'd say 16 out of the last 24 months.

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