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I have been in and out of changing hostings since 1997. There are more than a dozen of hosting company both locally (Indonesia) and international that I have tried over the year.


So far, I have found only a couple that has tremendous support (read: fast and accurate solutions). One is mddhosting.com


It took me 5 minutes to create an account and receive my account details via e-mail from Mike. My country is in their fraudelent watch list :blink:

and Mike fixed this issue within 20 seconds.

Live chatting was pretty swift..Mike answers all the questions and give immidiate solutions.


Now, transferring my account from mediatemple.net was taking longer than I expected. I had 3 websites of around 800mb of files.


1. They are not using cpanel...so it might go down to the old school FTP transferring files.

2. Well...having a super Mike doing all the job by himself, I wouldnt mind waiting. Besides, I paid for the most basic shared hosting for $8/month :P . So, I wouldnt dare asking more... :D


It took Mike the 3rd day to start concentrating on migrating the sites and boy..when I mean concentrating...I mean it. He spent more than 2 hours dedicating on moving the sites over and MAKE SURE that it works.


To be frank with you, I dont think I would dare asking for my 30 days refund even if it turned out to be that bad. Your service alone worth more than that.


What amazed me is that some issues are not part of his support scope. Big companies such as mediatemple would only suggest me to discuss issues with my script developer...but with Mike..he does the troubleshooting. He also updates me every single step that he took to troubleshoot the issues (both success and failures attempts).


Softlayer datacenter is a plus from my country (Indonesia) since it took the least hop (17 hops) compared to other datacenter such as:

Godaddy.com (22 hops)

justhost.com (19 hops)

mediatemple.net (20 hops)

rackspace.com (20 hops)

Singlehop.com (21 hops)

Liquidweb.com (18 hops)


The only datacenter in the US that can beat 17 hops is he.net (16 hops). Of course, when the datacenter is in Singapore (www.vodien.com), it took only 13 hops.


Anyhow, I am pretty happy with the performance so far.

Even I have a worse service in the future, I wouldnt edit this post saying the opposite since the above facts are already been done.


Thank you again for your kind and nice service.





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