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[Resolved] 4 Minutes of Downtime this morning on Boreas VPS Node

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This morning a client on our Boreas VPS node came under a 1 gigabit/sec DDoS which our DDoS protection systems caught and mitigated within around 4 minutes. The total downtime for the incident according to our internal and external monitoring systems was 4 minutes.


Here is the notification from our anti-DDoS system:



This ticket was automatically generated by the Network Protection System. Due to the large amount of traffic targeted to your IP address [redacted], The Network Protection System has automatically injected the IP address into our Cisco Guard Protection system. This system diverts traffic destined to the IP address [redacted] through hardware devices that will try to identify and block the specific packets and flows responsible for the attack while allowing legitimate transactions to pass. The injection of [redacted] will remain in place until this attack subsides and then be automatically removed once traffic levels reach a normal level.


Details of the event follow:

Exceeded Bits In: 1 G (Threshold: 1 G)


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