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So you have plans with ssh and does it cost extra?

We do not bundle SSH with the plans but it can be enabled by request. We do however request further proof of identification before we will enable SSH such as a scan of a valid piece of government issued ID. Also this is not "regular" ssh but is in fact "jailed" SSH. Giving end users on a shared server full SSH could be very dangerous security wise.


What is your policy on customers who use to much cpu and memory? Do you suspend first and ask questions later or send a email to the customer and if nothing is done with in 24 hours suspend them?

It really depends upon what is causing the CPU and Memory usage, if they are getting hit by Digg or Slashdot for example we will work to keep them online and go so far as to moving them to a different or a totally new server until the effect wears of.


If they are on the shared server and they are using too many resources but they are not crashing the server generally we will discuss the issue and their options. If it's a poorly coded script or a bad plugin then we will work to help resolve the issue but if they are growing out of normal shared hosting often times we will discuss upgrading to semi-dedicated hosting if that is a viable option for the client.


The only time generally we will "suspend now and ask questions later" is when the account is crashing the server (extremely rare, as we don't overload the servers) or the user is grossly violating the terms of service and generally we will do our best to temporarily disable whatever script is causing the severe load as apposed to the entire account.

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