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Using Wordpress, and having a caching program such as Hyper Cache, W3Total Cache, or something similar, how hard (or easy) is it to bump up against the 50 connections limitation on the MySQL database?


If the popular pages are cached, and things are streamlined, and perhaps there is faster performance from the web server, what is the real world experience with this situation? It seems like a good idea -- no one person can slow it down for anyone else -- but I'm just curious in a real-world sense, with an optimized and streamlined and properly cached Wordpress site, how does this affect things?

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Replying to my own post, but anyway, taking a closer look at things, the semi-dedicated doesn't seem to have this limitation -- and perhaps like it says -- for dynamic stuff like Wordpress and Joomla a semi-dedicated account is the way to go... that might be a solution right there. 50 seems to be a lot more than many hosts give out, so in a sense, it's fairly generous to begin with already, probably wouldn't be a problem, maybe pages would load smoother with a semi-dedicated account, etc.
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In over 2 years I've never seen anybody cross the 50 connection limit on any server or any plan. The 50 connection limit is across all services except VPS or Dedicated.


50 is quite high, I know that Hostgator only allows 25 and many other providers allow 10~15.

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