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[Completed] Cypress Raid Issue - Drive Failure

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We've had a drive failure on the Cypress server and as such we're going to hot-swap the failed drive and there should be no downtime. In the event that there is any downtime or the hot-swap doesn't go as planned we'll update this ticket.


Things may be a tad sluggish while the raid array rebuilds after the drive is swapped for a couple of hours.


If you have any questions feel free to respond to this thread or to open a support ticket.



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As it turns out either the raid controller is bad or the cables running to the drives are bad as drives continues to drop out repeatedly for no valid reason.


We're going to be scheduling some downtime to replace the controller and the cables which shouldn't take more than 30 minutes from start to finish and we'll post the maintenance window here as well as mail it to all affected customers.

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Mike, thanks for always letting us know what is going on. Even though all hosts have issues like this, I've never had another host keep me so well informed, and I think it's cool to know the little details (and the big details!).

No problem at all - it's a delicate balance between providing the pertinent information without performing information overload or providing information that really shouldn't be public.


The logs are showing that a particular channel on the controller is actually disconnecting as though somebody has pulled out the drive from the hot-swap bay and then plugged it back in a second or two later. This causes the controller to go into rebuild mode and it is happening once or twice per day over the last couple of days.


Ultimately it could be either the cables between the controller and the hot swap bays or it could be the card itself but we're going to go ahead and replace it all. There's no sense in having downtime to replace one just to find out it was really the other :)

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