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[Completed] Seed Backups for Echo, Boreas, and Fresco

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We're going to be taking seed backups of Echo, Boreas, and Fresco which will increase over-all server load but it shouldn't affect performance at all due to how powerful these servers are. In the process we'll only be able to restore files/databases from this date forward on those servers.


This should only take a few hours.


If you have any questions feel free to respond to this thread or to open a support ticket.

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It is taking a bit longer than anticipated - it likely has to do with us doing 3 servers simultaneously.


It will probably be running a better portion of the night but it's not affecting performance :)


Just in case anybody is curious:

http://www.screen-shot.net/2010-05-25_2219_001.pngWe'll update the thread once it's completed.

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