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[Resolved] Cypress Raid Issue - Drive Failure

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Our raid controller on the Cypress server has notified our technicians that a drive has failed and the raid array. We're going to be scheduling a drive swap shortly however there shouldn't be any downtime.


You may notice things are a tad sluggish compared to normal as the raid array is rebuilt. We'll update this thread with more details.

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It looks like we're going to have to schedule some downtime for this server tonight between 1AM and 4AM EST (GMT-5). The technicians are going to be pulling the server offline to swap the cables running to the disk drives as we've been receiving a fair bit of link failures from the raid controller which is ultimately what triggered the alert.


The maintenance should only take a total of around 20 minutes however it's imperative that we perform this maintenance to prevent data loss and corruption.


An email has been dispatched to all affected customers.


If you have any questions feel free to respond to this thread or to open a support ticket.

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The server maintenance has been completed and the server is now back online and operational. We're going to continue monitoring the raid controller for some time to ensure that the re-cabling resolved the issue. For the time being we're going to mark this event Resolved.


Thank you,

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