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[Completed] MySQL Maintenance on Cypress, Demeter, Echo, and Fresco

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We are going to be performing some tweaking/maintenance on the MySQL servers to increase performance and during this time we will need to restart the MySQL servers a couple of times. Each restart generally takes around 5 seconds and you may receive some MySQL Connection errors during this time period.


Keep in mind that this is an expected behavior and it will only last 5 seconds or so. We're performing this during an off-peak time to minimize any impact the short MySQL downtimes may cause.


If you have any questions/comments/concerns by all means please feel free to respond to this thread!


Thank you!


Edit: this was supposed to have been posted at the beginning of the maintenance window (which was 30 minutes) however it looks like I accidentally set it to post *tomorrow* instead of today so I'm going ahead and making the thread visible. We realize that the maintenance has already been completed and we apologize for not seeing that this thread was posted up before we got started.

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