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I've been hosting with MDD for almost 6 months. So, far I've been very happy with it. I've always been impressed with the speed of response time whenever I've email with questions or problems. Mike is very professional and I've learned to count on his response within 10 minutes of my emails. Usually it's far less than that.


Last weekend, I was trying to upgrade my forum software. In process, something went wrong and I couldn't access the site anymore. I did back up the site before this. So, I emailed Mike to get my site restored from the day before. However, this was on EASTER day, and I did not expect Mike to respond to me right away or even before Monday morning. To my surprise, he got back to me right away and worked with me for 2-3 hours to get everything back to normal. It would've been faster than that if I was around to answer his emails!


In 6 months that I've been hosting with MDD, I've never had downtime on my site.


Thanks so much for all the great work you do. Really appreciate it!!!

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Mike responds so quickly and dedicates so much time to people that sometimes I feel bad. :)


Hopefully your next 6 months are as good as your first. I'm approaching my first renewal time and I have no hesitations about doing so. On my previous host, each renewal was an opportunity to go host shopping to see if there was anyone good out there yet. Luckily I finally found one.

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