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I may be taking some extended time off

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I've been keeping this under wraps until I had more information but I may over the next couple of months be taking some extended time off. The doctors have found a tumor in my mother's brain via CT Scan and then they also did an MRI. The doctors are advising that she needs to go under surgery as soon as possible to remove it and depending on what happens and how well things go I probably won't be as active in sales, support, and the forums as I normally am.


I normally do my best to handle as many tickets as I can personally as I simply enjoy working with our customers but some of the other staff members will certainly be stepping up to cover sales and support during these trying times for me and my family and as such you shouldn't notice any difference in our services or support.


If you do need to work with me directly do just make it clear in your ticket and the staff will get in touch with me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


I will update this thread when I know more but for right now I don't really have too much to share.



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Sorry to hear about that. Hope things turn out for the better. Had something very similar in the family myself last year and it was (and still is) a hard burdon to bear.

Ultimately I'll post up some more details but for now I mostly just wanted to let our clients know what was going on should I become unavailable for a period of time.
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