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yep, that is for sure. Oh and about the IP.Content I purchased that but find it very hard to use. You still have to do a lot of coding your self, which I sort of feel defeats the purpose of using it. The 2.0 version of ip.content how ever does look promising.


I hope with 2.0 and beyond they address the none coder. IP content seems powerful enough it just needs to bring in options for more novice people. Having templates and more easy plug and options would be great.

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Ya it does cost a lot. I got mine when the price was a lot lower. I do not remember exactly what I paid but I have 3 license that were purchased at through out the years. I no longer need 3 so one of them does need renewed and that was the one I got at a discount when ipb 3 first came out about a year ago.
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Ah was not aware of that. I have only installed it to see if it would do what I need and I had to much trouble even figuring out how to use it that I just gave up.

It is strange wordpress is so simple yet very powerful and does exactly what I need. I have yet to find a cms that fits my needs better then wordpress. Not even joomla seems to fit my needs. I actually found that a bit frustrating, how ever the new version of joomla that they are working on does fix the frustrations I was having with joomla how ever it is still in alpha and been that way for several months.

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