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Open Phone directory or Inexpensive Phone Directory


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I had a thought about doing a site to server as a state wide phone directory for the state of South Carolina it would be just for South Carolina businesses. The main reason I thought about doing this was we have somewhere like 4 phone books and they all go after your advertising dollars and charge large fees for even a business card size ad. So to cut the expenses on phone advertising costs and to end the frustration about where can people find your number I started a site to do it. It is a PHP/MySQL site and then I began to think can the server handle the load for one and what would be the cost of maintenance to provide the bandwidth and server space. I mean how much space would be needed and how much of a server would be needed to serve maybe a million businesses with around 5 million hits a month. I caught myself mid stream advertising this when I thought about what the ramifications of it would be if it became famous and popular.
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I would just make sure the PHP scripting was solid and the MySQL queries were optimized and didn't create more load than they had to - then I would probably just start on shared and grow as needed.


If it exploded I would think the fees you collected for advertising would cover the cost of operations (or at least that would be the plan).

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I am using Joomla which is a rock solid platform not sure how great it might be for a site with millions of hits. I also use this component from this site: http://www.sigsiu.net/ which again is a popular component actually the only one I saw for a phone directory site.

I could slap it on a HostGator site since they offer unlimited everything. Except one problem we all know that is just marketing rhetoric that never works as claimed.

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