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Best way to do offsite, automated, MySQL backups


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What is the best way to set up automated offsite backups of a MySQL database with MDD. I would like to do a automated daily download of my 100MB database to my home computer. I do this with my MDD web files using an FTP sync program, which allows me to only have to download any files that are changed or new. Ideally, a database sync program would be great since it will save on bandwidth but I don't know if those exist.


I don't know a lot about MySQL backups other than you have to be careful about doing backups because the database may become corrupt if they are being written to during the snapshot process. I assume I would have to download some type of


The backups wouldn't have to be real-time or anything. A 1-day lag would be fine but I would prefer something better than weekly or monthly.

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There isn't any real easy way to do with cPanel/WHM itself but there are some PHP scripts out there that can do a mysqldump and then gzip that file and FTP it wherever you would like :)


I'll see if I can dig up the site that gave the script I used to use for this.

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