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Thanks to being able to find new deals to serve customers better Cut Above Host will be celebrating the addition of another server to our line up. To kick it off right we will be giving the first one billion customers to sign up within the next 24 hours a free copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional.


Since the server is really beefy then this should not be any struggle for it at all.


You can begin signing up right now at http://localhost/

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Awesome. Wonder how many hits per month it could handle though? That is rough to estimate I know since you would have to know the size of the pages and such. Wish there was a standard though. I would be interested in the stats on a PHP/MySQL site hit rate though. That would be interesting.
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Hits per month would really only be governed by bandwidth - as for MySQL and PHP - it really depends on the scripts/databases themselves.


We have had some customers that had databases/scripts that examined 2+ million rows and took 5~15 seconds and others with scripts that were a bit "smarter" in their queries :)

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