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Considering a VPS?

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My site is currently receiving 130-150,000 page loads a day. That will equate to over 3 million page loads for March 2010. That is a lot of traffic. To be honest with you I didn't think a vps could cope but the vps I have with MDDHosting runs perfectly. Quite astonishing really and any problem I have had has been dealt with instantly. So anyone looking for reliable vps hosting need to look no further BUT! I suppose it is a big BUT too - it ain't cheap. I already have a vps which is costing me only 12 dollars a month. Would I be able to host my current site on it - eh nope. I suppose you only get what you pay for but the trouble is in this day and age you can pay a lot and get ripped off for a lot too. Thankfully that hasn't been the case with MDDHosting.


Why am I posting here? Not sure really but maybe it will help if someone is considering stepping upto a vps. If you can afford it then go forrit as it might well pay dividends.


Now where do I put my affiliate link?




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Thought I was making it up didyah? :)


VAServe - which seems to be called CheapVPS now for some reason. You want I post a link on here? They are unmanaged vps suppliers in the UK and US. The US is where I have my vps - will be running it for a month or 2 yet - and they are a lot cheaper than the UK site. I pay $11.94 for my unmanaged vps. Slightly cheaper as I used a discount code initially. My vps is this one:


512MB RAM (1GB Burst), 30Gb Disk Space, 400Gb Transfer (approx 600Mhz guaranteed) – $12.95/mo


Works really well a lot of the time but I haven't anything installed on there bar for gaming video files which I show on my bluesplayer site here. Does get bogged down now and then though but overall it ain't bad.

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I know who VAServe is - and I don't doubt that there are $12/mo VPSs out there (there are $5/mo ones too...) and I certainly don't doubt that they aren't good for much of anything other than the most basic uses. Serving files would be considered a basic use in my book but serving dynamic pages (php for example) would be pushing it in most cases.


I certainly wouldn't trust any of my sites (even hobbyist ones) on a VPS that only costs $5~12/month :)

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