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public_html file permissions causing 403 errors


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I've got an account on cypress, and tonight I was working on a customer's account on echo. In the last few days, both accounts had mysterious changes to the public_html file permissions. Mike was kind enough to let me know to change the file permissions to 755 when I asked what was going on with my account, and so I was able to correct the file permissions for my customer's account as soon as I noticed the 403 errors.


What's odd is that this happened on both of the accounts, which are on separate servers, and the websites don't share any similar code. In fact, the files that I uploaded tonight were basic html files except for one, and it is just a super simple sitemap generator. It's only got 33 lines of code with one php function: filemtime().


I connect only with FTPeS, and I use FileZilla3 for my FTP client. I don't store my passwords, and I am pretty confident that I don't have a virus on my computer, or any computer on my network. I've been using FileZilla for a long time, but thought that perhaps it just went crazy on me, so I copied the log, and searched to see if it had changed the file permissions. Didn't see a thing...


Since I know how to fix the problem, it isn't super critical, but makes me nervous about what could be wrong. Has anyone else had this problem? What's going on?

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The issue wasn't happening with your public_html but only with your add-on domains and one way that it could easily happen is if you were to upload the folder with the addon domain name as an example:


If you have /public_html/addondomain.com/ and you want to update the content of that add-on domain by uploading the "addondomain.com" folder into /public_html this could reset permissions.


It's unlikely that a virus would simply change permissions on your add-on domain folders without doing anything else so I don't think you have to worry about that and it's more likely that you inadvertently updated a folder via FTP.

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