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I was looking to start a blog and I'm decent when it comes to using computers but I'm by far not an expert, especially when it comes to web hosting and domains. I simply don't have the experience with domains and hosting like I do everything else.


I was searching for a host on WebHostingTalk.com and I came across a few that I was considering such as HawkHost and DownTownHost and my current host MDDHosting. Upon doing my research I ended up choosing to go with MDDHosting towards the end of May.


Michael at MDDHosting helped me set everything up and installed WordPress for me. He went above and beyond to make sure that I understood the control panel and how everything worked and told me to contact him if I needed help with anything but so far I've been doing pretty good.


MDDHosting has been totally upfront and honest with me about who they are and that they are a smaller customer-service focused company. Many of the other companies that didn't make it into my top 3 list tried to act as though they had a fleet of servers or several support techs when upon doing my research it simply was not the case.


MDDHosting is a bit more expensive than some of the other hosts out there but I feel that I am definitely getting more than I am paying and I've not noticed any downtime at all whatsoever so I'm pretty happy.

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