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[Completed] - Network Maintenance November 30th 2am to 3am CST

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The following notification is to inform you of an EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE event on the MDDHosting IP Network. Due to the severity, the time frame between this notice and the maintenance window has been shortened.


November 30th

Start Time: 02:00 AM CST (08:00 UTC)

End Time: 03:00 AM CST (09:00 UTC)


While we have scheduled a 1 hour window we expect the actual downtime to be no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. This is maintenance that is being conducted on the data-center level. All servers will remain online and operational they will simply be inaccessible for 15 to 20 minutes.



MDDHosting in conjunction with Cisco Systems have identified a service impacting bug in the current IOS version running our front-end router. A vendor recommended upgrade has been provided as a resolution and needs to be implemented immediately.


Original Issue Reference:

With the introduction of 4-byte ASNs (Autonomous System Numbers), a newly devised method of injecting a specifically crafted prefix into the global route table allows for the BGP process to be reset on older IOS code. What this means is that a malicious attacker could crash our primary router with a well crafted attack and as such this maintenance is scheduled for the 30th.


You can see the Cisco report on this at:



During this maintenance, you will notice a complete loss of connectivity to our servers. While the upgrade duration is scheduled for 1 hour, we only expect between 15-20 minutes of downtime as the routers reload and fully converge.


If you have any questions about this by all means please feel free to respond to this thread.


Thank you,

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