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Web software to use instead of FTP


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I often need to get large files from friends and family. Sometimes the files are too numerous or large for email attachment, burning to CD might require skills they don't have and extra time to physically get the CD to me, and getting them to install, configure and use an FTP client might be beyond their skill level. I am wondering if anyone knows of a nice little standalone "web upload" script/software that I could set up on a special part of my site for such people to get files to me. Perhaps Java or Flash-based if necessary (though DHTML is preferred). I think of the upload features of Facebook, Gallery, etc... something that's dead-simple for the end-user, with progress bars and stuff.


Anyone know of such a beast?

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Yeah I've been poking through Hotscripts but have yet to find something decent, unfortunately. Was hoping someone could give me a lead from experience. :) I'll keep looking


I did a google search for "php flash uploader" and found a few possibilities. Try checking that out and see what you find.


This next approach might be overkill, but perhaps you could setup a wordpress blog and give everyone that might upload files an author account on that. Then they could use its built in flash uploader to upload the file and do a blog post for everyone else to see the file.

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