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09/15/2009 - New Semi-Dedicated Server Live

Michael D.

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If you are not yet a MDDHosting customer and you have been thinking about getting a Semi-Dedicated account with us - now will likely be the best time to get the best deal!


We only have 25 Accounts to sell on this server so once the server is sold out this promotion will end. If you currently have a regular shared plan you are welcome to upgrade and use this promotional pricing however you will have to contact sales to place the order. This discount is not recurring and will only apply to your first invoice.


2 Year Plans - 50% Off - Coupon Code: semi50off - Savings of up to $300.90 (A Year Free)

1 Year Plans - 25% Off - Coupon Code: semi25off - Savings of up to $75.23 (3 Months Free)

6 Month Plans 15% Off - Coupon Code: semi15off - Savings of up to $26.55

3 Month Plans 10% Off - Coupon Code: semi10off - Savings of up to $8.85

1 Month Plans 10% Off - Coupon Code: semi10off - Savings of up to $2.95


You can place your order from http://www.mddhosting.com/semidedicated.php


If you have any questions about our services or support by all means feel free to contact our sales department : MDDHosting - Sales Department Secure Contact Form!

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This offer has been very successful and we are going to very soon run out of available accounts on this server - if you are interested in receiving this amazing discount I suggest that you sign up as soon as possible.


As always our sales department is here should you have any questions about our services, support, network, policies, etc...

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