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SpamAssassin plus Spark client


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I used to funnel all emails through Gmail. I found it more useful to me to grab them separately with my current (default) email client, Spark. Ive set up accounts for each of my four email addresses sos I can clearly and immediately see to which an email was directed. Now, for that.


Two of them are Gmail accounts (as you know, powerful Spam filtering). The other two go through SpamAssassin accounts. (All have imap connections on iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS.) First, if SpamAssassin marks a message as Spam, does it go to client Spam? Second, if I add a filter to mark SpamAssassin addresses as Spam (i.e., move them to the Spam folder), will the client see them as Spam? Or will they, simply, stay inaccessible and invisible by the client on the SpamAssassin server?


I guess, part of the question is, do SpamAssassin rules get applied before forwarding takes place?

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