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Not pre-sales, but account set-up: on-death contact?


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I have looked in my Account settings (and in cPanel, understandably inappropriate) and cant find this. All account holders should probably have it. My financial advisor told me to make sure I do, everywhere. Google offers it in Gmail account settings. Here it is.


Who may I specify is authorized to possess my account upon my death?


In my case it would be a rather simple thing: my wifes email address is a gmail address. Hers happens to be an add-on domain within my site, and she would need to go through whatever contortions it takes to make hers the main domain for the account. (Those contortions are likely off-topic.)


How may I simply, tell MDDhosting, that without question, she is authorized to take the reins should I get run over by a semi or get struck stoopid by a breathtaking stroke?

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