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DDoS Attack Mitigation on P1

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I'm not sure if anybody noticed the attack - our internal monitoring did and since it runs on the same IP Pingdom did notice some downtime while the rest of the server was still online.


We've mitigated the attack and have reached out to the client that is the target to keep them in the loop.


So far so good on mitigating the attack - but we did also move the affected client to their own IP just in case we have to take more drastic actions. We're keeping an eye on the situation but so far the server is online and 100% operational :).

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yes, we are getting some 1 or 2 minutes downtime emails from pingdom. I hope it is fixed now.

I would say it's likely not related - we're monitoring the server internally and externally [using Pingdom as well as another] and haven't seen any issues since we started mitigation.


Open a ticket so we can give your account a look.

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