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cPanel backup for newbies


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I have just completed my first ever cPanel backup and thought i Would share the process in case others like me didn't know it could be done.


It was easy to perform and the only problem I found was that I didn't get an email when it was finished, but I now have a full back up of my cPanel should anything ever go wrong.


Log-in to your cPanel and follow the instructions.











Click "Go Back" to see your backup. I did not get an email even though I said yes, but it was there.




Now you have a full copy that you should keep in a safe place. You can give it to your host if you need your cPanel restored.


*Once you have the download don't forget to delete it from your Home directory as it will take up disk space and is of no use to you sitting there. You will also want to remove it from your Trash if you didn't skip the option to keep in Trash.


I'm no expert but I hope this will help someone like me.


Thank you to starki for the basics.


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The full website backup seems to be a good option if you're going to move to a new host since it can't be used to restore your site from cPanel.

Would I have been able to send my full backup to MDD to speed up the time my site was restored?


Yes. By what I was reading you would have been back on-line very quickly.

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Thank you for posting this. Is there a way to automate this to run weekly, and to send it automatically to Dropbox or Google Drive?


You're welcome, good to know it's helping someone. I had originally planned to make it for myself and keep for future reference, but I had seen others posting they didn't know about it just like me so I thought I would share.


Yes I think once the dust settles Michael is going to look into it. See here: https://forums.mddhosting.com/topic/1583-major-outage-092118-client-discussion/?p=7435

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