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Privacy policy: imap/pop email servers?


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I easily can find the MDDHosting privacy policy (linked at the bottom of most pages on the MDDHosting site). It would be useful to have specifics on privacy for the MDDhosting iMap/POP servers for the purposes of email senders going through the Contact transaction on *my* website.
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I'm not sure I follow what you are asking about. Our handling of the data in your account doesn't change regardless of if it's you sending an email, receiving an email, or someone else submitting a form on your website. Can you clarify your concern or provide an example to help us understand your question?



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To follow up on this, Mike, many of us may share the concerns that EFF has expressed for the privacy of email services worldwide. A concern involves such things as warrantless government searches. See this article: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/04/protecting-email-privacy-battle-we-need-keep-fighting


How does MDDhosting stand on such ideas as regards the privacy and security of email services we may acquire through our hosted websites, using MDDhosting email servers?

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