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Issues with R1/R2/S1 on 03/01/2018

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Earlier today the MySQL service on our R1, R2, and S1 servers caused some connectivity issues. Upon investigation we noticed that the SQL service was using abnormal amounts of CPU and causing the server to show non responsive. The previous day updates were applied to the server and the MySQL version was updated to the latest release. The latest version has compatibility issues with the LVE software we run on the server that helps ensure equal performance for all users on the shared servers.


As a temporary measure we reverted the SQL version to a previous build and the service returned to normal functionality. We have contacted our software vendor and this is a known issue and they are actively working on a solution.


We apologize for any issues this interruption has caused. We are awaiting updated software and will monitor performance once the fix is applied. If you are still having issues please open a support ticket for assistance. (Please note that the SQL/Database service is working as expected so some issues may be unrelated.)


I will update this post if any further information is provided from our software vendor.

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