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Using cloudflare to resolve mixed content for https


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I posed this question in support, got frustrated with the lack of knowledge or help, so I though I'd post here. Here is what transpired in my support ticket:



I'm considering changing my forum, at http://ooakforum.com, to all https. It seems to already resolve with https, but it has a lot of mixed content, which will take too much effort to change manually (thousands of posts).

I'm told that cloudflare would enables me to re-write http to https (Under the 'Crypto' tab, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites), to resolve the mixed content issue.

If I wished to have my whole site running via https, would cloudflare be a viable solution?

Would I need to purchase membership for this, or is this already supported via my hosting package? Do I need anything else?



I would like to inform you that you can redirect the URL of your website to https using an htaccess rule.

However in case that the links are hardcoded with https you would need to change them in order to load them using a secure connection.

As it comes to cloudflare it will actually add the same redirect rules as you would do in your htaccess.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.



Yes I'm aware I can redirect to https in .htacess, but I'm referring to hard-coded http.

According to this article on the cloudflare website, the cloudflare works quite different, and CAN rewrite the hardcoded http:



This will need to be completed by your webmaster if it requires changes to your content.

Thank you

:angry: :angry: :angry: Did they even read the whole question? While I appreciate this may not be part of their job, and I'm a bit of a noob, I thought they could have been a little more helpful!

Anyway, with my winge out of the way, can anyone give me some tips with this?

Thanks guys!


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Hi there,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience so far and hope I can help. Please let me know your ticket ID number so I can check into your case specifically.


In general, there is nothing we offer that will fix mixed content warnings without you fixing the http links in your site. I do believe CloudFlare has a feature to "fix" http links so that end users don't see mixed content, but I don't personally use their service in that way, so I can't be sure. I'd advise asking their support department if they can do what you want, since they would better know if their service will wor for you.

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We dont modify your content in any way. When a request comes in to load a page the server processes the request and returns the data back to the requestor.


CloudFlare sits between us and your visitors and can / does modify the data as it passes through them.


Basically if you have a page that is being loaded over SSL and that page loads an image, css, js, or something else over non-SSL thats not something we can fix for you without actually modifying your file/content. We have nothing that sits between the server and your visitors that would do this.


In the case of a forum / script - most likely the modifications would actually need to be made in the database itself.


We do not and have not ever offered to modify or manage your content for you. We will generally do our best to point you in the right direction when we can.


CloudFlare may or may not have a feature to fix mixed content. The key here is content though. Its not a server or network issue or anything that can be fixed on the server or network level.


We are a CloudFlare optimized partner and we do offer a free RailGun but ultimately CloudFlare provides support for their service. To be honest its constantly evolving so fast that I wouldnt claim to always be up to date or fully aware of all features they offer.


At the end of the day trying out CloudFlare is a pretty painless and easy process. It will either do what you want or it wont. 😉

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Thanks guys!


Yes I certainly wasn't asking, nor expecting that you'd modify content for me, I just wanted to know if Cloudflare could do, and what I'd need to do.

You've answered that very clearly now, so I know how to proceed.


Thanks a lot!

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I don't know if it helps or will work with your forum, but I had a similar problem when I switched over to https.


Most of my problems were with images especially from Imgur. For some reason when you copy the image url it is http but they will still work with https. However members posting images would make my site show unsecure content.


So I made a new word filter to convert http to https. Now every image on my forum posted with http will convert to https, the only problem I have found is where an image host doesn't use https. If that is the case the image will just show a broken link.


It may be worth you trying a word filter to make http convert to https to see if it will change all your mixed content to https.


It was a simple solution for me.

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