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P1 Server Migration - Saturday, September 23rd @ 11 PM ET [GMT-4]

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We are scheduling a maintenance window for the P1 server on Saturday, September 23rd at 11 PM ET [GMT-4] to move the server to our new storage platform. We are scheduling this window from 11 PM ET to 3 AM ET and we expect the downtime related to this maintenance to 30 to 45 minutes. We are scheduling a longer maintenance window than we expect this to take go give us time to resolve any potentially unforeseen issues. We have, at this point, migrated numerous servers without issues so we really do expect the maintenance to be less than 45 minutes.

We will be keeping this thread here on our forums up-to-date as we perform the migration and will answer any and all questions you may have about the migration process here or directly in response to the email I will be sending out shortly to all affected clients.

While we do apologize for the necessity of this maintenance window we are sure that you will be happy with the end result.

Should you wish to see more details on why we're performing these migrations as well as some graphs illustrating the performance gains - they can be seen here.

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There was an issue with MySQL that was causing some issues but it wasn't related to the migration. As far as the downtime just now - we had to perform an emergency reboot to correct an issue and will be scheduling some brief downtime later this week to put a permanent fix in place. It's not directly related to the migration - but just something that has come to light that wasn't obvious until now.


Things should be stable between now and the maintenance we're going to be scheduling soon - and if you have issues do please open a support ticket.


I do know that our MySQL server on P1 has gone from an average of 1,800 queries per second to around 3,000 queries per second alone simply due to the increased throughput and decreased latency of the storage itself.

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I registered downtime this morning on my corporate account which is on p1 around 10AM EST. Nothing that needs to be followed up on if you have scheduled maintenance later in the week. Thanks again for all the updates. Cheers.

I've been actively working to optimize MySQL on the server - it seems that an administrator at some point removed some settings [in an attempt to optimize] and went the wrong direction with things.


I'm also migrating some accounts off of the server to free up some spare CPU - looking at the CPU graphs this server has been trending upwards for a while even though we haven't added any new accounts to it in a while. In the event you want moved to a new [almost completely empty] premium server do please open a ticket and we'll get you copied over. :)

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I don't know about other that host a website on this server, but performance of my site has been a lot more sluggish since the migration/upgrade. I was expecting better performance.

Hi ttfan, I'm sorry to hear that! Overall, we're seeing vast improvements to the underlying hardware and most clients report that it has helped their sites. Your site definiately should be seeing some improvement.


Since your site see more sluggish, definiately reach out to our support department so we can look into what is happening with your site and investigate the issue. https://www.mddhosting.com/support/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=1

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