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I am having some real problems with my website these days. Most of the time it is not available in a specific country, which makes it hard for my customers and me. I am fed up of them as I do not need a company which has some serious issues with the maintain ace of their server. Now, I know that a downtime of a couple of minutes is acceptable but keeping a website down for hours is something, which can put our entire online presence in jeopardy. In addition, I face restrictions almost every day, exceeding something here, something there. In addition, don’t get me started every time I offer a discount, the excess traffic just collapses the entire server within minutes.

Now, I want to switch my hosting. Since I am not a developer, can someone educate me about the things I need to know before I change my hosting? Secondly, I have a logo design service website; it has a huge database as well because the designs are kept online as well. Now I know that huge graphics, bad scripts all add up to increased loading time, but I have heard that slow loading time is also an indicator of a poor server. In addition, since my server is down most of the time, does this mean that it is the real culprit behind the loading time? My question is whether changing the hosting server would improve my loading speed as well.

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It could be that your site needs optimization or caching this can also help load times if your content is not properly optimized. If the host is at fault changing to a different host may help however it will depend on where the issue is. For example country specific issues can sometimes be the 3rd party links between the host and the country.

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