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R2 Unplanned Outage - 02/16/17 - 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM ET


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It looks like our backup software, JetBackup, exhausted all of the available free disk space on the server.

While we do have monitoring and alerting for disk space so that we can take steps prior to an outage - in this case the space was used up so quickly [well over 150GB of space used in minutes] that we were unable to rectify the issue prior to the server running completely out.


Once the server exhausted the disk space it became unresponsive to the point that we waited about 10 minutes for it to attempt to reboot on it's own. It was restarting but it was taking an exorbitant amount of time so we kicked off a hard reset.


The server came back up, we cleared the extraneous space by the backup system, and restarted the server again to give it a fresh start.


As of this moment MySQL is starting up and the server should be fully available within a few minutes.

We are working on moving to a new storage platform that allows more flexibility - one that would have avoided this issue entirely - but it's not quite ready yet.

It will take several minutes for it to return to normal.

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The server is stable at this point - we are slowly re-enabling some of the ancillary services to keep the load down and the server as responsive as possible.


If you are still experiencing any issues at all do please reach out to technical support.


We are sorry for the trouble this has caused. We've taken potential issues such as this into consideration when looking at our new storage platform. Ideally we'll be moving to the new platform in the very near future.

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