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I just closed a support ticked and asked to complete a review.


I am generally very satisfied. I am really impressed with the very fast response with the support tickets.


With this last support issue however I have a feeling MDD was too fast to put the blame on Cloudflare.


I am taking about support ticket #(REDACTED).


I had a problem with the loading of the site under Cloudflare development mode.

I openned a ticket with MDD.

MDD pointed out it was a problem with error 522 in Cloudflare.

I contacted CF support.

Cloudflare told me to tell my host (MDD) to whitelist the Cloudflare IP addresses.

MDD told me they do not whitelist any IPs.

Then MDD told me they have already whitelisted CG IPs.

So I am back at CF support (which takes 2-3 days to respond).

Finally MDD says they just re-whitelisted the CF IPs.

All of a miracle, the errors are gone.


I can only assume that CF had changed some IPs and the new whitelist from MDD solved the problem. Or maybe the problem went away and it was just a coincidence that MDD refreshed the IPs.

Edited by Scott
Redacted ticket number
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